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To whom it may concern:

I, Eugene R. Ogle would like to recommend someone who is very honest and high in integrity. In addition to these things, Dan Hardy has also proven to be a very good worker who is capable of completing any job set before him.

Recently, my wife and I had Daniel perform a good deal of very heavy work for us. He did so not only in a very professional, neat and clean manner, but he also completed the job right on schedule. I have been an engineer in Orange County for close to 30 years. In my book, Dan passes the grade as a top notch handy man for any needs you may have. You may feel free to call or write me concerning this reference and I will reply. Thank you very much.

Gene Ogle
3101 S. Fairview Street / Space 37
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Home Phone: (714) 546-8319
Business: (714) 549-3041 / Ext. 254

Past President / Board of Directors
Local Chapter 0498 of G.S.M.O.L.

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